Andy M. Stewart, Scottish Singer & Songwriter

Live Wizardry album cover

Live Wizardry
Silly Wizard

Andy M. Stewart, Gordon Jones, Johnny Cunningham, Phil Cunningham and Martin Hadden



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  1. The Queen of Argyll (Words & music by A.M. Stewart)
    Lyrics and sound clip are available on Cantaria
  2. Mrs. Martha Knowles Phil Cunningham)
    The Pitnacree Ferryman (Trad. arr. by Silly Wizard)
    The New Bob (Trad. arr. by Silly Wizard)
  3. The Parish of Dunkeld (Trad. arr by A.M. Stewart / Phil Cunningham) 
    The Curlew (Trad arr. by Silly Wizard)
  4. The Valley of Strathmore (Words & music A.M. Stewart)
  5. Miss Shepherd (Trad. arr by Silly Wizard)
    Sweeney's Buttermilk (Trad. arr by Silly Wizard)
    McGlinchy's Reels (B. McGlinchy)
  6. The Ramblin' Rover (Words and music A.M. Stewart)
  7. The Blackbird (Trad., new words and tune by A.M. Stewart)
  8. Scarce O'Tatties (Norman MacLean)
    Lyndhurst (Trad. arr by Silly Wizard)
  9. The Banks of the Lee  (Trad. arr by A.M. Stewart / Phil Cunningham)
  10. Donald McGillavry (Trad. arr by Silly Wizard)
  11. Golden Golden (words and music A. M. Stewart)
    Lyrics and sound clip are available on Cantaria
  12. The Humours of Tulla
    Toss the Feathers
    Saint Anne's Reel
    Lexy McAskill
    (Trad. arr. J. Cunningham)
    The Limerick Lasses
    Jean's Reel (Bobby MacLeod)
  13. The Broom of the Cowdenknowes (Trad. arr by Silly Wizard) 
    Lyrics and sound clip are available on Cantaria

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